Less chemicals and better for my kids

Cortney Cook
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Our kids usually eat dinner, take a bath, then we read books, and I lay on the bed with them until they fall asleep, then they wake up in the morning and are still in their bed.

I bought my Washabelle mattress because I thought that it had less chemicals in it and that it was made with materials that was better for children to sleep on.

My daughter had a crib that was covered in plastic, and a bigger bed that had a plastic cover, it was terrible, and it was crunchy, when she slept on her face she was just breathing through the sheet into the plastic cover. That was the biggest reason why I bought the Washabelle. I didn’t want her to be breathing into the plastic chemicals of her older mattresses. She sleeps on her face a lot.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s washable. I didn’t know it would be so convenient, but now that I’ve had throw up on it and accidents, it’s really nice that I can just wash it.

We tried it without a box spring and my daughter didn’t like it, but now we put it in a box spring and she likes it, no complaints, she sleeps very well. We think it’s really comfortable, except it’s too small, it’s a nice squishy surface, that if we are all on it and not in the center of it, you can fall off. I’ve thought about this over and over; if Washabelle came out with a full or a queen, I would love to buy a queen size. We bought another mattress for my husband and I, from the same website that lists beds without chemicals, and we don’t love it. We wish my daughter’s Washabelle bed was bigger because it’s really comfortable.

I’ve had it for 9 months and I’ve only had to wash the mattress three times. But I do wash the sheets often. It was very easy to wash. Easy peasy lemon squeeze. Just unzip, throw it in the washer, it washes and then zip it back on.

The Washabelle is convenient and gives me the piece of mind that she isn’t sleeping in something that is made with the more harmful chemicals and materials.

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