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When professional photographer Markus Jaaske looks at the world, he sees it through the eye of a camera lens. But such a vision isn’t without challenge. As any photography enthusiast will know, professional cameras can be quite bulky and heavy. Jaaske knows all too well the difficulty of carrying around a six pound camera all day. That is why, for quick snaps of inspiration, he prefers to use the Ricoh GR.

“What made me decide on the Ricoh GR was the fact that I would be able to carry this camera in my pocket easily,” Jaaske recalled in a recent interview with us. “This was very important because I wanted a camera that I could have with me when I was walking my dog – which is when I do a lot of my nature shots as well as photos of suburban houses.”

The below photo is evidence that Jaaske’s GR is a great little point-and-shoot camera that takes quality images.

“I took this picture on a very wet day in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains,” he said. “It was taken from the car whilst waiting for the passengers to cross the street.”

Woman with umbrella crossing streen in rain storm

Small, Simple Quality

A Pentax brain child, the Ricoh GR features 16.2 mega pixels and allows the user to effortlessly capture dynamic images quickly. While Jaaske primarily uses his Canon EOS 5D Mark III for professional shoots, he prefers to use his Ricoh GR for everyday use.

“I was drawn to the simple form factor of this camera,” Jaaske shared. “It looks like a cheap point and shoot, but it takes absolutely outstanding images. The proof of this is that a big part of my stock photography has been taken with Ricoh.”

In relation to the below photograph, Jaaske recalled his experience taking the shot.

Pathway Over Sand Dunes to the Beach

“This photo was taken with my Ricoh GR in Wollongong a couple of hours before sunset – a beautiful place!” he explained.


Great Starter Camera

The Ricoh GR can be a great starting point for someone looking for an easy-to-use camera that is reasonably priced. Prices start around $548.00 on Amazon. When choosing to purchase the GR, the relatively low price compared to high-end cameras was a defining point for Jaaske. However, he said if the Ricoh GR was more expensive the cost wouldn’t be worth it for him. This is mostly because there are so many other great options out there on the market. The key, Jaaske said, is to shop around.

“The Ricoh purchase was a result of a research process where I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read articles and compared photos from different cameras, and the price was also good,” Jaaske shared.

Suburban Street

Since purchasing the camera in 2013, Jaaske has put his GR through its paces. The only issue that he has faced with the GR is that it struggled when he used it in the heat a few years ago, but has had no issues with it since. When it comes to reliability, Jaaske said that the Ricoh GR holds its own in comparison to his Canon EOS Mark III.

“The biggest strength of this camera is that it’s reliable and I really appreciate that,” Jaaske said.


An Overall Top Choice

Overall, the Ricoh GR has made a huge difference to Jaaske’s work. He said that having a professional camera has given him a lot of confidence as a photographer.

“I’m taken more seriously with a professional camera,” he said. “I know that the results from this camera, in most situations, are exceptional.”

Suburban Street

Jaaske loves to photograph in vibrant color as seen in the above photograph.

“I like colour,” he remarked. “One of my favourite photographers is a guy called William Eggleston, who shoots almost exclusively in colour. While, I’m not a fan of coke, I do like the colours in this photo.”


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