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Stacy Holst
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I purchased my Washabelle mattress because of the ability to wash it. My son was just turning two and had to move to a big bed because he had accidents and he was starting to potty train and we just wanted to have something that was just washable. It was easier to have something than worrying about having the mattress soak through. The mattress pads aren’t breathable. I was having a hard time finding a mattress pad that was breathable.

My son likes his bed. He’s three now. He used to have a crib mattress, and he wasn’t sleeping good on it. It was on a toddler bed, and it was too hard and wasn’t breathable. We were concerned about buying a big bed for him because of the mattress pads being plastic and clean up if we didn’t use one.

He’s sleeping better now with the Washabelle mattress. Before we moved him to the Washabelle we had frequent wake ups and now he’s sleeping better and is more comfortable.

At first we were washing the Washabelle every other week, or every week. Now that he’s not having as many accidents, it’s once a month. It’s really easy to wash. I really like how quickly it dries. It seems like it comes out of the washer really dry already. So it doesn’t take long to dry which is nice because sometimes I forget about it, so then it’s not an issue when it’s time to go to bed at night, it’s nice that it’s pretty quick.

I have two kids. Only my son is using it, my daughter is in a crib. But we do plan on getting her one when she moves into a big bed.

I wish there was a queen size version of the Washabelle mattress, especially when the kids sleep in our bed. My husband actually says the Washabelle mattress is more comfortable than our bed, since he has to sleep there sometimes.

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