Vine breathes life into your work

Xaviera Lopez
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I use Vine as a creative outlet for my artistic tendencies. It allows me to bring together a variety of my artistic techniques and put them together into detailed and delicate images moving as if they had a life of their own.

Masterpieces in movement

I create my masterpieces through a mix of Video software and 2D animation. This allows me to bring my drawings and other pieces to life. Starting my drawn animations can be a somewhat tedious process but I love the creativity and energy involved. Drawing animations starts with drawing frame by frame either by hand or on the computer.

A good artist is able to balance multiple techniques, I don’t limit myself to just drawing animations, I make other artistic Vines such as stop motion.

I create my stop motion pieces by taking multiple shots and shifting the images slowly. An example of stop motion would be taking a picture of an object and taking another picture of the same object next to it. This causes the human brain to register it as simply appearing if done correctly. On paper it sounds very simplistic but when put into action it can be a complicated process.


Vine is a unique app, it presents you the ability to meet new people. These people you meet can be simply social or it can come with business opportunities. I have experienced both, through Vine I made a lot of friends with people with similar interests. Vine has also allowed me to share my content and catch the eyes of companies that might want to hire me for work and skills I present on Vine. Something I love about Vine is that many people can see my work, which is very difficult for me living in Chile.

It was through Vine that I was able to catch the eye of Starbucks who presented me with a job offer, they asked me if I wanted to be part of their campaign and I said yes. I loved to work with them because I personally love their products and I had creative freedom, which for me is the most important.

Just as Vine has allowed other people to see my work I have been able to look at other’s work as well. I sometimes find myself amazed at the amount of talented people find on Vine and I enjoy viewing their work. There are lots of super talented individuals on vine and it is such a treat to be able to access their work through my phone. As I continued to see other Viners produce content I found interesting I began to contact them and start conversing with them as well. Some of them also help me on my own Vines. Gerald (Andal) always helps me with captions because I start overthinking them and get trapped in weird concepts.

Vine has brought many opportunities my way and the only change I want is for more art to be shown. I would show more awesome artistic work. There is so much perfection waiting to be featured.

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