Manjusha Jewelry Feels Very Special

Susan Shieldkret
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The designer of Manjusha and I have a special connection. Believe it or not, she passed my store a while back and said, “I want to be in there; so she popped in.” I was off that day and not at the store. My salesperson said that she would let me know that the designer had stopped by. When I heard that later in the day, I immediately called the designer.

She was no longer in town, but on her way back to Northern California. We chatted for awhile and I said I would love to meet her. To my surprise, she and her husband turned right around on the freeway–right then–and came back to Orange County to see me at the store.

We spent hours together reviewing her collection, which has grown every year.

Her jewelry is so reminiscent of her days in India, growing up in her Grandfather’s palace. I am not kidding. And when you wear her pieces, you feel like you are tied to this enchanting history.

My favorite pieces of Manjusha change all the time. Each piece starts out as a favorite, until the next one that I love even more than the last. Take a look at her craftsmanship and the beauty of her work.

Feel like a princess in this jewelry. You deserve it.

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