I’ve only had it one day but so far I love it.

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So…I bought a tenor banjo. I’ve wanted one for a long time now and a great opportunity presented itself to pick one up today. Don’t judge my playing too harshly…I mean, I’ve had it for all if 4 hours. The hardest part is picking without hitting other strings or smacking the drum head. The intervals are similar to a violin and mandolin which is why I can play it at all. I need to keep listening to @webanjo3 to learn those crazy fast triplets that @martinhowleymusic and @endascahill play. This was just a little improvised reel that found its way into my fingers as I was messing around with it today. Pardon the mess too. @tallkapp is prepping kickstarter gifts for her backers from Clarence! Check out her page for the link to the film!

1Well I’m afraid it’s not a terribly exciting story of how I got to know about this Banjo. I was in the market for a tenor banjo and posted on facebook to see if anyone was selling. An acquaintance posted that he had one he’d be willing to sell and I hopped over to his place to check it out. I played it, liked it, and bought it.

I’ve only had it one day but so far I love it. It didn’t have a pickup but my buddy has one I plan to buy and install, and for a $200 instrument purchase, I couldn’t be happier with it.

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